[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Join us for the 3rd Annual Chili Bowl Cook-off this Sunday,  January 11, 2015 at 6pm at Jackson Ave. Baptist Church!


  • Two Categories: Best Tasting and Best Name. You can win one or both.
  • the Chili Competition requires that all entries be submitted in your own crock-pot and that it be ready to eat by 5P January 11, 2015
  • You should classify your chili as being mild, hot or eat at your own risk (very hot) at the time your register. As a reminder we are looking for the best overall flavor and spiciness does not necessarily mean best taste so please try not to make your recipe too spicy.
  • For those not competing in the chili we would like to encourage you to bring your favorite bread to eat with chili, corn bread, or dessert. We do request that you refrain from bringing anything that contains peanuts and their by-products as we do have some folks who have sever allergies to them.
  • Your name means a great deal. So come up with a great name for you chili so that if it does win, it will be immortalized. Well, OK, more like remembered for a few hours.
  • Everything is done in fun. There is no prize for winning only bragging rights for the next year. We hope that you enjoy our time together and we look forward to seeing you on the 11th of January, 2015.

Rules for Chili Bowl Competition

Food Competition: As for the Chili competition there are two categories of competition.  First is best tasting chili ( as voted by you peers); the other is most creative name for your chili.

There are no prizes awarded only bragging rights which will probably expire by the end of the evening. In this way each submission could win both, one or none of the categories. It is all done in fun and in the interest of fellowship among the body.

All chili recipes are to be prepared prior to Sunday evening and brought to the fellowship hall by 5pm so we can get everything arranged for our competition. Please remember we don’t have time to have a true chili cook-off so everything must be ready to eat when submitted.

If you will, please bring your chili in a crock-pot so that we can keep them hot and tasty.

We are looking for the best tasting recipe. Please remember, spiciness does not mean best taste so please try not to make your recipe super spicy. We do no want anyone to end up needing medical attention. 🙂

For those not wishing to bring a chili recipe, but wanting to bring something else, i is suggested that you bring your favorite cornbread or other type of bread to eat with chili or a dessert. Please refrain from nuts and especially peanuts and their by products as we do have some folks with severe allergies to them.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation and may the Lord be glorified in all that we do!