Associate Minister of Christian Education Position Jackson Avenue Baptist Church, Lovington, New Mexico Ground level position to build education program for children through college. We anticipate our building process to begin with Jr. High and High School groups first.

Develop JABC’s children, youth and young adult ministry. Be able to provide direction, focus and vision for the future growth and expansion of the program. Supervise all activities– Nursery through College/ Career. Coordinate with Sunday School Superintendent to purchase, manage and distribute curriculum; recruit and train /teachers for Sunday School, AWANA, and Youth. Oversee the development of children and youth programs at the church. Oversee the AWANA program (children’s outreach and discipleship ministry) providing assistance and direction for the AWANA commander including the budget and all AWANA special events. Maintain a summer program including Vacation Bible School and Youth Camps. Recruit, develop and train leadership to teach in all children, youth and young adult (college) areas. Oversee Children’s Church program during the morning worship. Coordinate and Direct our “Van” Ministry including visiting and witnessing. Supervise children’s ministry staff (as its programs grow). Disciple children through the decision to become a Christian and be baptized. Follow the guidelines of the Child Abuse Prevention Policy and ensure background checks are done on all church members that work with children or youth. Provide opportunities for children’s evangelism, outreach, discipleship and fellowship. Manage all the resources needed for children’s teachers in the classrooms or the resource room. Participate fully as member of the pastoral and ministry staff which could include coordinating with other staff members to accomplish work in areas not directly related to children’s ministry. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor including visiting homes and families, be able to do evangelism (share Christ). Desirable Characteristics required for the position: Individual is to be a mature born again Christian (maturity is not necessarily commensurate with age), having a strong, ongoing, personal relationship with God. They are to have good personal and interpersonal relationship skills. They must possess strong organizational skills and pay careful attention to details, be willing to try new things, and not afraid to fail. Must demonstrate Christian attitudes especially patience and love toward individuals that are being ministered to in difficult and upsetting situations. Ministerial Staff Requirements: Individuals are required to be able to clearly explain the gospel message (how to be saved). Possess a strong understanding of scripture and effectively communicate its truth. Have a personal ongoing relationship with Christ, which is reflected in a spiritually growing lifestyle. Conduct oneself in a manner that reflects Christ in all interpersonal situations. General Requirements: All staff, prior to employment, are required to pass a criminal background check and financial background check. All Staff are to act in accordance with our By-Laws, Church Polices and Constitution. Jackson Avenue Baptist Church has adopted the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as its doctrinal statement of beliefs. All personnel serving the church are to be in agreement with the statement. All Staff are expected to maintain their godly lifestyle in public; understanding that their actions reflect on The LORD, His church and their position as well as their character.