Instructions for the Flowering of the Cross and your Participating in the Lord’s Supper

The Flowering of the Cross is an age old tradition (ancient) that can be traced back to the 6th century A.D. Various churches at various times have carried the tradition through today. Many demo nomination celebrate the flowering of the cross and today we will be counted among them. Easter celebrates the risen savior and the eternal life that came through His death on the cross. As we place towers on the ross we are symbolically transforming the instrument of Christ’s death into a symbol of life. It is though Christ’s shed blood on Calvary that we gain eternal life.

At the appropriate time we will ask you to come forward and place your flower on the cross. Please bring your flower or use one provided a t the front and insert it into the wire mesh wrapped around the cross here at the front of the Church. We are also celebrating the Lord’s Supper. After you place your flower on the cross, we encourage each and every born again believer to come to the Lord’s Table and take the bread and eat it and then take the cup and drink from it. In doing so we are remembering the sacrifice that Christ gave for us so that we might have eternal life with Him.

Admonishment: If you are not a believe p lease go aged and be seated after placing your flowers on the cross. Until a person have accepted Christ’s free gift of salvation the Lords’ Supper has no meaning and no value for you. An unbeliever who does participate in the Lords Supper actually brings judgement against you form God. Also, if you are a believer who is impressed by the Holy Spirit not to participate you should not participate. We are instructed not to take part if we are unworthy and refuse to judge ourselves. Therefore, only believers are encouraged to participate in taking the Lord’s Supper.

(1 Cor. 11:27-34).