MOM’S DAY (I liked this so much I wanted to use it again).

Have you ever wondered how Mother’s Day got started in the United States? Well it all began in 1872 when a woman names Julia Ward Howe started proposing that Mother’s should be honored. Julia’s name way sound familiar to some of us because she wrote the Civil War anthem, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Julia was a champion for the recognition of others and that their day, be a day of peace. It’s no wonder, with all the blood shed during the Civil war. She wrote a passionate appeal to women to rise up against war in her famous “Mother’s Day proclamation” in 1870. She tirelessly championed her idea which was celebrated in many places but eventually was replaced by our Mother’s Day today. Her work no doubt influenced many to promote a day that would recognize our Mother’s nationally. Anne Jarvis, though, is known as the Mother of Mother’s Day. It was the result of her hard work that the United States recognized its mothers as a national holiday. Although Anne never married or had children she was a tireless advocate of mothers. Anne fulfilled her own mother;s desire that mother;s be officially recognized.  Mr. Jarvis worked diligently on behalf of the mothers in the America to see that they were recognized for their contributions to our society, especially in a time and culture that was growing more negligent and indifferent towards its mothers.

Anne Jarvis began with a campaign to send flowers, Carnations to be specific, to the church in Grafton, Virginia to honor her mother (they were her favorite). Then, she along with other women wrote letters to persons in power in Washington to lobby for a day that honored all mothers. All her hard work paid off. By 1911 almost every state in the Union celebrated a Mother’s day. Then on May 8th, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday of May as the official day of recognition for our nation’s mothers.

Sadly, Mr. Jarvis was deeply hurt to see the commercialization of Mother’s Day. Her intent was to honor mothers not to make a profit off of them.

Mothers are a gift go God to their children when God gives children, as gift, to their mothers. The bond between mother and child is dear and precious. Our existence in this world is due to our mothers and their sacrifices for us. It is important for us to recognize our mothers for two simple reasons. One is that God admonishes u to honor our parents. The second is because we love them. This life is a short one. Time flies by. One day they won’t be here and we will miss them. So love them today (and everyday) cherishing the moments together.

In Honor of Charlene Rowser,

Your Pastor, Dave Rowser