Scott Nute Global Ministries
Biblical Standards for Evangelists
North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (NACIE 94)
Louisville, Kentucky, June 1994
Affirmation #1 – Authority
God has spoken. He has spoken finally, authoritatively, and clearly in the totally inspired, fully
truthful Bible, the Word of God. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, alone, are the
final foundation and standard for all theology, doctrine, and Christian experience. The Bible is the
source of our message and the final authority for all evangelistic ministry, and upon that Word we
will evangelize.
Affirmation # 2 – Christology
God has fully and finally revealed and incarnated Himself in His sinless Son, the Lord Jesus
Christ, who is the second Person of the Divine Trinity, sharing all the attributes of the Godhead.
He died vicariously for sinners and bodily rose again for their justification. He alone is “the way,
the truth, and the life” whereby salvation is effected by the grace of God. Thus, we will “preach
the Gospel”, “Christ and Him crucified.”
Affirmation # 3 – The Holy Spirit
God sent His Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Divine Trinity, into the world. He brings
conviction of sin and draws people to Christ for salvation. He then enters the lives of repentant
believers to regenerate, sanctify, and empower for service. Evangelism apart from the Spirit’s
work is meaningless. Therefore, we will seek His call, guidance, wisdom, and power in our
ministry of evangelization.
Affirmation # 4 – The Church
The Church is the Body of Jesus Christ here on earth. Its inception, growth, health, and extension
are central to world evangelization. Evangelism must be church-oriented to be lasting and
honored by the Holy Spirit. As evangelists we will work with, through, and help equip local
churches to advance the cause of Christ and the salvation ofthe lost.
Affirmation # 5 – Eschatology
Jesus Christ is coming again. Each person will stand before Him injudgment. Those whose
names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life shall dwell eternally in God’s presence in heaven as His
redeemed, resurrected people. Those who reject Jesus Christ shall spend eternity separated from
God in the place the Bible calls hell. Thus, to evangelize is essential for the well-being of all
people, and to this we will give ourselves.
Affirmation # 6 – The Bas-icCall of Christ
God has called us to be evangelists and has equipped us with particular gifts of the Holy Spirit,
including the gift of the evangelist. We will, therefore, heed that call and communicate His Word
to all peoples as He enables and gives opportunity, calling them in Christ’s name to repentance
and faith in Christ alone for salvation.
Affirmation # 7 – Prayer and Evangelism
God wills that the work of evangelism be accomplished with His power. God, therefore, expects
His evangelists to practice earnest personal and corporate prayer for Spirit-filled living, for a
spiritual renewal of the church, and for gathering a spiritual harvest of the lost. To this end we
will give ourselves.
Affirmation # 8 – Follow-up and Discipleship: Edification of Converts
The call to Christ is a call to discipleship. Converts are to be nurtured in their spiritual growth
into maturity. We will, therefore, arrange as much as we are able for the initial follow-up and the
spiritual care of those who come to faith in Christ under our ministry.
Affirmation # 9 – Social Concerns and Issues
Our Lord is concerned for the well-being of the whole person. We thus share Christ’s deep
concern for the temporal as well as the spiritual needs of humanity. Therefore, we accept our
responsibility as Christians and duty as evangelists to alleviate human suffering.
Affirmation #10 – Inner Life Development: Spiritual Growth and Cultivation
The call to Christ is a call to personal, dynamic fellowship with Him and a growing spiritual
maturity. Thus, we will exercise the Christian disciplines and yield ourselves unreservedly to
Christ’s Lordship to be filled with, and controlled by, the Holy Spirit.
Affirmation # 11 – Family Life
Understanding that our commitment is first to the Lord Jesus Christ, we will see our families as a
gracious and sacred gift and responsibility given to us by God. Therefore, we will be faithful to
that sacred trust, placing them even before our ministry to others.
Affirmation # 12 – Integrity in Finances
God is the creator and owner of all things. Recognizing this truth, we will be faithful stewards of
all that God gives us. We will stand accountable to God and others in our personal finances, and
in the finances of our ministry.
Affirmation # 13 – Integrity in Ministry
The call of Christ is a call to godly living. Therefore, we are committed to lead lives of holiness,
purity, and honesty so as to bring honor to Christ before both the Church and the world.