Straightening Things Up …For Jesus August 2018

We had a very fruitful meeting Sunday (7.22) after church. Thank you so much for your willingness and your participation. We now have information to make updates and improvements to our Sunday School and discipleship programs for the upcoming year. Just bear with us as begin making changes to help us get everything working well.

For those of you who aren’t sure change is necessary indulge me for a bit. Change is the one constant in the universe. Nothing ever really stays the same. Time changes moment by moment, the universe is expanding, technology is taking over and our attention level is getting shorter – see some of you didn’t even make it to this point in the newsletter.

One hundred fifty years ago many Southern Baptist churches met under brush-arbor canopies or buildings made of clap boards. Our churches had no sound amplification, no air conditioning, no padded pews and most didn’t even have running water in doors; see all that has changed.

Technology has changed the way people hear the gospel. Preachers preached to crowds then on radio, then television, then cassette tapes and now there is YouTube. We use a myriad of ways to preach and teach yet the message remains the same: “…We preach Christ crucified.” (1Cor.1:23) saved by God’s grace, purchased with Christ’s sacrifice in order to give us freedom from sin and become sons and daughters of God. Their goal then is the same as ours: “They just wanted to see another person saved” – or as we say, “One More for Jesus.”

Our Sunday School needs your participation. We are making these changes in what we have now, in order for us to expand in the future. Our meetings together are varied. We have individuals who meet on Sunday Mornings and we want to have others meeting through the week. We have men’s groups and women’s groups who are engaged in various types of studies on Wednesday night as well as our traditional Sunday Evening Bible Study. We are also doing New Believers and Members classes.

We also need to be able to expand our outreach through our Bible Study / Sunday School groups. That is accomplished in one way. Invite people to come and be with you. When we, as invite people to come you will have some people come; if you don’t, they probably won’t. You are the key.

Back to our regularly scheduled newsletter: Our goal, our mission and our purpose as a church should focus on making disciples (Matt 28:19-20). We are Kingdom builders. Our Goal is “1 More 4 Jesus.” Bible Study / Sunday School are an effective way to disciple believers into becoming better followers of Christ.

Having a Bible Study in your home is a great way to engage non-believers about Godly things. Loving them in your home is the way Jesus taught and ministered. It allows them to learn about God in a non-church environment. When they become more comfortable, they will be willing to attend church.

Other outreach ministries of our church now and in the future is to provide help in areas where people have needs and interests, for example:

• Teaching on Finances (Dave Ramsey)

• Teaching on Parenting (Dr. Kevin Lehmen)

• Teaching on Couples Relationships (Dr. Chapman – others)

• Teaching on Men’s Issues (Men’s Meetings)

• Teaching on Women’s Issues (Women’s Meetings)

• Invite Community to do fun activities (movies, sports, etc).


Spiritual growth for believers results from doing what we learn. ‘We are taught to love and so we love.’ By putting into practice what we learn, we live a sanctified, God honoring life. What we do in Bible Study is not to be kept in our hearts but meant to be shared with those around us.

The goal for us as a church is that each of us will strive every day to work at reaching “one more (person) for Jesus.” We can engage our community outside of our church building in order to build God’s kingdom. We are to be focusing our attention on something other than ourselves and being involved in doing missions both here (in our community and state) and abroad (overseas). We are to get serious about God’s plans.

So we are working on the Sunday School program. No matter what methods are changed remember the message will never change and you are the necessary and vital ingredient in the success or failure of it. Please attend. Please help. -One more for Jesus – Pastor Dave.

– Pastor Dave.